What is Gnosticism?

A major heresy addressed in the New Testament is called gnosticism, which referes to a “knowlege” that is supposed to save. Gnosticism teaches that creation was a mistake, and that the God of the Bible is ignorant and arrogant. He is mocked with disdain. Gnosticism teaches that although humanity is trapped in this evil matter in which we were created, we are saved when realize the divinity within ourselves.

Peter Jones, in his book The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back, writes”Historically the Gnostics escaped by throwing off the shackles of the Old Testament and the God of Israel. In this new-found freedom, they reintepreted the New Testament according to the religious world view of pagan culture around them.”(?)

In Gnosticism, salvation comes from self-knowledge and self-realization- again, knowing one’s own divinity. They teach that salvation comes from withing ourselves. The so called New Age is a return to gnosticism. Creation worship, feminist spirituality, the breaking of sexual norms, Eastern religions, etc. are all connected to gnosticism- the Creator God is rejected, creational structures are destroyed, the concept of sin eradicated, and salvation dehistorized and spiritualized. Christ becomes a symbol of the gnostic believer, and by their own efforts gnostics obtain the “knowledge” that they are a god also.

Gnosticism and the New Age offer false spiritual renewal, theological confusion, and spiritual defeat. the goal of it is to create a new humanit and eliminate faith in the true God of the Bible.

Because of the resurgence in gnosticism, difficult days may lie ahead for Christians who hold to “outdated” and “narrow minded” beliefs.

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