Japan Quake Map

Quake visualization begins at the 41 second mark. Watch through 3/11.


With the recent earthquake, there has been much talk about how to help the people especially affected, especially in a material sense but also an emotional sense.

Here are a couple of articles (posted last year as well on this website) that do not downplay these immediate needs after the earthquake, but especially emphasize needs of eternal matters:

Update from Japan: How You Can Pray

This is an update from Japan on the Gospel Coalition website. It is written my Keiko Takahashi, a Christian in Japan. I appreciate the article because it touches on God’s faithful presence admist these times, then moves on to the greater eternal struggle, and how we can pray for Japan.

Here is one quote from the article:

The challenge for Christian workers is the significant biblical illiteracy in Japan. “Most Japanese people,” Keiko explains, “have never heard of the true meaning of God’s grace given through the cross of his Son.”

Another article is written by John Piper:
Japan: After Empathy and Aid, People Want Answers

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